#EdublogsClub Week 1: Goals


I decided to start 2017 off with a new challenge…a blogging challenge! I want to get better at posting consistently and Edublogs started a weekly blogging challenge just when I needed it! I’m hopeful that it helps me making writing a more regular part of my week and that I can do a better job of reflecting what wonderful things are happening in our school and in our library.

To begin with, this is not my first blog. I have tried blogging a number of times over the past 5 or so years. My most successful attempt was in graduate school when we were required to blog. Since I was in library school, it was great because I was blogging about books I was reading for my class and I was happy! This blog challenge will stretch my writing to include lots of different topics.

I read many other blogs, but none on a regular basis. I tend to go to blogs when I need them, but there are many that I enjoy reading. I really enjoy reading Mrs. Readerpants and was just checking out her new podcasts today. My sweet friend Cynthia runs a fantastic blog at Librarian in Cute Shoes that was a wonderful resource when I was an elementary school librarian. I really enjoy reading Nerdy Book Club also. Always such fantastic book suggestions. Shannon Miller has an amazing blog called The Library Voice that I enjoy reading for more “back office” library information. To keep up with these, I do follow them all through Feedly so I can see when a new post is shared, but often I just visit the sites when I think of them. Maybe this blogging exercise will help keep it in the forefront of my mind and I’ll make more of an effort to check those sites more frequently.

I do have some goals for myself during this blogging challenge. My main goal is: consistency. As I’ve said, I want to make blogging on a regular basis just part of what I do during the week. Wonderful things happen at AHS every day and I want to share those things. I use Twitter for that also, but blogging will give me a platform to go a little further in depth. I also want this blog to be a record of the library’s school year. A place to go back and read about what worked and what didn’t.

No better time to begin then now! Happy New Year!

Argyle Education Foundation – Thank you!



The AHS library owes a tremendous amount of gratitude to the Argyle Education Foundation. The AEF was gracious enough to provide a grant to the library to be used to build our Makerspace collection as well as continue to build up library and professional resources. Their generosity is the reason I can share incredible experiences like these:


Thank you again!


Adobe Spark

Last week I had the fantastic opportunity to meet with a local PLN and wow was I blown away! It was just wonderful to meet local high school librarians doing the same things I am trying to do. An incredible source for new ideas and support. I am looking forward to meeting with them again next month.

I am always looking for new tech tools to enhance learning and one of the ladies at the meeting shared Adobe Spark. Where has this been!? What a wonderful AND EASY way to put together a video presentation. I made a complete video in just a few minutes with images I already had on my phone. I decided to do some “Tech Smashing” and also create an image in Canva (my favorite tech tool this year) to add some flair. I can see students showing off their learning with images of their work, put to music to share with others. Check it out below and start your own project to show off what you’re doing!


Rachel’s Challenge to AHS


Today, AHS was lucky enough to welcome Rachel’s Challenge to our campus. All students attended an incredibly powerful assembly to learn about Rachel Scott’s life, and the impact she has made on the world even after her tragic death. It was an incredible testament to positivity, light, and kindness. It was truly an amazing experience.


You may want to read about the organization HERE. Even more exciting was the additional training provided in the afternoon for many of the Leadership Class students. The goal is to keep the momentum of Rachel’s Challenge going and truly make an impact on our school. The students were incredibly caring and open. It will be powerful to watch them make the changes they want to make. I’m grateful that I was included in the group.


Meet Sphero & Ollie


We have been having a BLAST with our new robot friends!

Thanks to the generosity of Point Bank here in Argyle, I was able to purchase some wonderful robotics and Makerspace materials for students to use. The first to make the debut…Sphero and Ollie! They were both an instant hit and Mega Lunch will never be the same. Where else can you hang out, eat lunch, chat with friends, and drive around some robots but the AHS library! The pictures may be really great, but the videos are even better so make sure to check us out on Twitter and Instagram!


Homecoming Week…a blast!

It was an awesome week to be at AHS…nothing beats Homecoming! We had a week of festivities with dress-up spirit days, community gatherings, loads of athletic wins, and MUMS!


Monday - Fave Sports Team

Monday – Fave Sports Team



Tuesday – Tacky Tourists



Wednesday – Nursery vs Nursing Home


Thursday - Color Wars!

Thursday – Color Wars!


Friday - Mums & Garters

Friday – Mums & Garters


Can’t wait to enjoy Banned Books Week next week…get ready!