#EduBlogs Club Week 6: Challenges

A challenging situation. Such a great prompt. And a great exercise too! I think when we are challenged, that’s when we show what we’re made of. If life was to move along perfectly, how would we test ourselves?

Choosing the challenge I wanted to write about was easy. I am living it and learning from it every day! After spending 10 years in one school district, I made the decision last year to leave for the benefit of my family. I left what was comfortable..and I left what I was beginning to take for granted. I am beyond happy in my new position, doing what I love and working with amazing educators and students, but sometimes it is difficult. It’s the little things you know? It’s knowing who to ask for things, which office to go to, how to request a PO (that’s it own unique challenge!), how to find the copy paper. And don’t even get me started on the number of athletic gyms we have here! #igetlostsometimes

I went from knowing the majority of the upper administration and who to go to when I needed to ask a question to floundering a bit. But this has given me the chance to think about it and understand, “It’s okay…as long as…” It’s okay to be the new girl on the block as long as I’m open to meeting new people and reach out. It’s okay to not be 100% sure as long as I ask questions and learn what I need to know. And it’s okay to make mistakes…as long as I learn from them. (Oh man, it’s been a learning year!)

Having to be new has made me more aware of new students who arrive mid year and are forced to start over in a new place. My choice to change districts and jobs was my decision. The students who are in these situations are typically not the ones making the decision to move. We all need a little grace from time to time. It’s nice to be reminded of that.

  1. Good for you for taking on that challenge. It’s never easy moving outside our comfort zones, but we can gain so much growth from doing it.

  2. As you highlight it is an important reminder to what it must feel like for students when they change school.

    PS your image had me challenged! I was determined to work out how to link to the image on Unsplash better. Unfortunately image caption doesn’t support HTML code 🙁 Solution was to copy the URL link, then highlight the text in the post you wanted linked to then click on Insert/Edit link and add it using that option. Not sure if my instructions make sense but I’ve fixed the link to your image (hope that was okay?).


    • Thank you Sue! I hadn’t set out to link the image to the citation, but that’s actually a really great idea! I’ll try doing that with any future images I use. Thank you for sharing the directions on how to do that.

      • If you were using a Creative Commons Flickr Image then you are meant to link the image to the original image and link the text in the attribution.

        Unsplash is free to use so there isn’t a requirement to attribute however I think it is great you are. Adding is as a link makes it cleaner looking while making it easier for readers to check out the images on the original site. I’ve just applied the same guidelines for linking the Unsplash image as I would for Flickr.

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