#EduBlogs Club Week 4: An Image

Write a post that includes an image…

I’ve been pondering this prompt all week and purposely waited until Friday to post. I love to share images and am active on Twitter and Instagram, sharing images of my students and all the wonderful things that happen on our campus. In today’s fast-paced visually-overwhelming age, a good image is necessary to grab the attention of those reading/looking at your post. Knowing this, I’ve been waiting to post until I had an image I really wanted to run with.

I found my image last night.

If you are in the librarian or education field, you need to read the blog The Adventures of Library Girl. This blog is managed by Jennifer LaGarde @jenniferlagarde and she is an amazing librarian in North Carolina! I have enjoyed her blog for a long time and encourage anyone interested to take a look.

She tweeted out an image yesterday and it really struck me. It is timely, informative, and something I want all my students to see and absorb….”Tips for Spotting Fake News.” It’s pretty awesome right?!



If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one is maybe worth a million. If everyone would follow these tips, think of the change that would occur in social media and research. It would be astounding and librarians around the world would rejoice. And look at that pretty Creative Commons license too…something else I want my students to recognize and understand how to use.

So, thank you Ms. Lagarde for taking the time to create a fantastic image that has widespread implication and can be so useful for those of us who work with young people. And thank you also for helping me create my Edublog post this week. 🙂

  1. Have you seen her in person? I was able to attend a conference with her last year and she’s just as amazing in person.

    On a side note, our similarities continue to make me smile. I work at a school with the acronym AHS and we’re both librarians and my new favorite discovery is that our first names are the same! Enjoyed your post!

    • I haven’t ever seen her in person! What a treat for you! I enjoy her writing style so much, I can only imagine that I would enjoy seeing her in person too. I have been lucky to see Shannon Miller twice at workshops I’ve attended. John Schu is another one of my faves. If you ever get the chance to hear from either of them, I highly encourage it!

      How funny! AHS…Librarians…Alicia…Ha!

  2. Greetings from another school librarian! I also follow Jennifer LaGarde, although we’ve never met in person. I always appreciate her inspiration, and the topic of fake news is all too important in right now.

    I saw that you want more followers on Twitter, so I looked you up and am now following you. I’m @jane_librarian

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