Homecoming Week…a blast!

It was an awesome week to be at AHS…nothing beats Homecoming! We had a week of festivities with dress-up spirit days, community gatherings, loads of athletic wins, and MUMS!


Monday - Fave Sports Team

Monday – Fave Sports Team



Tuesday – Tacky Tourists



Wednesday – Nursery vs Nursing Home


Thursday - Color Wars!

Thursday – Color Wars!


Friday - Mums & Garters

Friday – Mums & Garters


Can’t wait to enjoy Banned Books Week next week…get ready!


MackinVia Groups…a great tool for YOUR classroom!

If you aren’t familiar with MackinVia or MackinVia Groups, I hope you’ll take a look at this video! This is an incredible tool that keeps your research assignments organized for students and helps them with their research process too. Click HERE to watch a Screencast about how this resource could be beneficial to you and your students.

Mackin Via Groups