What a Week!

Whew! We survived and thrived week 1! The library was a busy place with textbook checkout, Chromebooks, schedules, and all the beginning of the year to dos. It’s a good thing I have plenty of sticky notes because my To Do list just keeps growing!

Here was the plan to get students introduced to the library, me, and the idea that this library is going to be busy and active this year:

Each day was a different Pokemon-themed challenge and it worked well! Students could come in before school, after school, and during lunch to try out the challenge and take a little break from their busy schedules to just have fun. Once word spread that I was giving away giftcards, I had plenty of visitors. Pokemon week was a success for sure.

A HUGE thank you to Jake and Chase from Cross Timbers who partnered with me to make this week a good one. Not only did they help with the brainstorming involved with the events of the week, they also contributed the giftcards we used as giveaways! Thanks so much guys! It was fun sharing what was happening in the library this week on our Instagram account! Visit and follow us here! Or if you prefer Twitter, find us here!

Here are some highlights from the week. Enjoy!

And who can forget the first Pep Rally of the year! Great performances from the cheerleaders and the band! Go Eagles!



It’s not hard to know that AHS is going to be a fantastic place to work and learn this year. It’s going to be an amazing year!



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